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If clogged drains are ruining your day you are in the right place. We specialise in unblocking drains, repairing and servicing drainage pipes. Our skilled team of professionals are fully equipped with the latest technology and years of experience to tackle any drainage challenge. From clearing stubborn blockages to ensuring smooth water flow, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the difference of hassle-free drains with our prompt and reliable services. Don’t let drainage issues dampen your home – contact us today and unleash the flow!

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We have been in the business for over 30-years. In that time we have encountered every job and scenario.

“Our engineers are among the best in the industry, London Efficiency have a strict policy in place regarding recruitment, and will not hire anybody who does not meet our high standards with heavy emphasis on customer service skills, qualifications, experience and attitude.”

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Drain Repairs and Relining

Drainage issues can arise due to various factors, including cracks, fractures, root intrusion, ground movement, or wear and tear over time. The first step in drain repairs is to conduct a thorough inspection using techniques such as CCTV drain surveys to identify the exact problem and its location. All the team are highly trained in this area and employ latest technologies to complete your works.

In some cases, where the damage is severe or extensive, excavation might be required to access and repair the affected section of the drain. We are experts in this field and to minimise disruption and cost, we use techniques such as pipe patching and pipe lining. These involve inserting resin-based materials into the drain to seal cracks and restore functionality.

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All our works are covered by our full liability insurance and workmanship guarantee. We approach every job in the same professional and reliable manner, no matter the size of the project.

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Our wealth of experience, extensive contacts and focused workforce mean that we are the premier choice for plumbing works throughout London and Greater London areas.